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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 puffy nipples preteen Sep 2009 18:51:39 EDT From: Subject: RecuperationRecuperation by WordmanI knew something was wrong the minute I woke up. I got up and put on my robe. Then I went into the living room. It looked as if the room was on fire, but it was not. seducing preteen girls Flames on the neighbor's house shone brightly through the window. I rushed outside and saw that pthc preteen models the neighbor's house was engulfed in flames. I could hear fire sirens in the distance. As I stood watching the first fire truck came to a stop in front of me. Men jumped out and hoses were attached to the fireplug and water poured out. Several firemen went around the other side of the house. One fireman began chopping through he door on this side of the house. Suddenly, there was aloud crack and the entire wall around and over the fireman collapsed. I did not know what I could do, preteens webcams but I rushed preteen preteen lola to help the obviously injured sex pictures preteen man. Piles of broken brick and flaming pieces sexy pre preteens of wood were everywhere. I saw the fireman's japanese preteen portals foot sticking out of the debris nymphet naked preteen and grabbed his shoe and pulled him from the rubble. Some of his clothes were on fire so I smothered the flames and dragged him away from the crumbled wall. There was blood on his head from several cuts that I saw. He opened is eyes and I could 3d preteen see he was regaining consciousness. "What happened?" he gasped. `The wall fell on you. You are safe now so just lie still" I said. There were hot sports on his clothes and I began removing his coat and shirt. I noticed one hot spot on his thigh and pulled down his pants.. The paramedic arrived just as I had freed him from his clothes. The paramedic took charge with the usual medical examination. After a few minute he turned to me and said "He's okay other than some deep cuts and scratches. Other than that, he dose not seem to be hurt too bad. He must have tried to hold back the wall and it was just too much for him. "There should be an ambulance gay toplist preteen coming in a few minutes. We'll get hm to the hospital." the paramedic said. It was obvious the fireman was gallery preteen free upset. "I can't go to the hospital," he said. `Why not?" I asked "My wife died there two years ago. I can't go back to that place." "Where would you go then?". The paramedic asked. "I don't know. I'll find some place."the fireman answered. "You know. nude preteen photo He could stay here" I suggested. "I live alone and it would be good to have some company. "How would you take care of him?" he paramedic asked. "I'll hire someone to help me take care of him. It should not take that long for him to heal." The fireman took my hand. "Please....."He said. I told him not to worry. We carried him into the house and I called a friend of mine, Molly, who was a nurse. She lived a few houses away and came right over. The other fireman put out the fire and some of them spent the night watching for more outbreaks. When I undressed the sex illegal preteen fireman, I found that his name was Matt Henderson. I put his wallet to one side and completely stripped hm. The paramedic checked his arms and legs to see if anything was broken. It seemed his limbs were in working order. I took preteenie teens out my first aid kit and used the medicines the paramedic had and we dressed his cuts and bruises. His preteen incest stories body was covered with small cuts and wounds, most of which were bleeding We had him stripped down nude preteen cartoons to his underwear. It was them that I saw blood on his hip I pulled down his preteen models denmark underclothes and there was a huge cut on his right hip. preteen nudist ohotos We dressed that and then paramedic left to see if he could help others. I could tell preteens nonude gallery the fireman was still stressed. Molly went home and said she would be back in the morning. "Do your preteens nude pedo still hurt?"I asked, "Yes" he answered hesitantly. "My head hurts." "You've got a big swelling on your left side near your ear " Are you dizzy?" "I can tell something is wrong." "Don't hesitate t tell me how you feel so I can help,"I said. "You should go to the hospital, you know." "I sexy preteen dance know, but I don't want to," he replied firmly. "I have to go to the bathroom," he said. I tiny preteen asians went into the preteen kiddy models bathroom and got the urinal I had preteens girls masturbating used when I was sick. I brought it over he the bedside. . He took the urinal and tried to slip raped preteen movies his cock into it, but he kept missing the hole. bikini preteen I reach down preteen bodies nude and guided hottest preteen babes his cock into the urinal. He looked at me free preteen archives with a strange expression and then lay his head back while preteen flash pussy he peed. When he had finished, I wiped the tip of preteen supermodel lists his cock with a kleenix. I spent the night in a chair next to his bed and watched over him. In the morning I helped him pee again. I noticed that his pre teens underware body was very dirty from the collapsing wall and the dust it caused. "You need a shower," I said. "I can wait. I don't sven nn preteen feel like standing up right now." "Then I am going vlad models preteens to give you a sponge bath." I brought in some towels and hot water and began washing him. The hair on his head was the hardest. I made him hang his head over the side of the bed so I could wash his hair. horny preteen models I had to change the water three times. Then I moved on to his face and neck and eventually down his chest. I lifted his arms and washed his pits. There was a strong odor of a working man there. After I cleaned his pits I moved down his chest to his treasure trail. His bush was filled with pieces of dust and dirt. I sniffed him and he smelled of musk and sweat. I washed his cock and balls. Then I lifted one leg and washed his perineum and the hairy spot just above his ass. His legs were hairy and it was not easy to get a preteen female beauties the dirt out from under the small preteen pics hair, but I manage to do his legs and his feet. I gently rolled him over and washed his shoulders and back. explicite preteen porn He had a tuft of hair just above his ass and I washed preteen nude videos that as well. young preteen videos His checks were covered with non nudepre teen hair and dirt. They were easy to clean, but when I came to his ass crack it was another story. His crack was filled with black hair and dust. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled out as much dust as I could before I washed him. His brown hole was surrounded by thick hair so I washed it with a lot young sensual preteens of soap until I felt preteen angel modeling he was clean. Then I moved on down the back of his legs to his feet. I rolled Matt back over on his back. He smiled at me. "Thanks so much," he said. "I know I was a mess." "Yes, you were, but you are clean now." I said. Wiping his body with a clean towel. There was a knock at the door and I looked up to see the paramedic and another man standing free preteens there at the door An ambulance was in the background. The paramedic and his doctor friend came in and checked Mat out. "The insurance insist on X-rays so we are taking Matt to the hospital. We' ll bring him right back. buy preteen porn I rode in the ambulance and watched the x-rays take. Then they brought Mat home. The wound on his thigh was serous and needed stitches. The bump on his head did not reflect in the X-rays. Except for many cuts and scratches and bruises, he was in fairly preteen tgp nudechild good condition. We decided to get him up and see if he could walk. He stood up and we lead him to the bathroom. I stood behind him and balanced him while he peed. Two days later Matt was sitting up in bed and eating his meals. Molly and I exercised him daily and we could tell chelda preteen model his legs were getting stronger. Matt wore some short cutoffs that I gave him. He wore no underwear He said he preferred a natural feeling around his privates. One day after Molly preteen young girls left he sat up on the bed and removed his shorts. "What a relief to be out of those," he said rubbing his crotch. Then his face grew serious. He asia preteen model looked at me and said, "Jim, how come you have been so good to me? I can never repay you for all this." "I just wanted to help"I answered. "You really did," he said seriously. Then he asked me a question I knew was coming, but did not want to answer. "Are you gay?" he asked. I Hesitated but answered him truthfully. lingerie preteen "Yes, I preteen pantie pixs preteen boys erected am"I said. "I thought so. How come you have nasty slutty preteens never made a pass at me, even when you helped me go to the bathroom all those times. "Because you're straight"I answered. "I was straight when I was married, but I guess I am more bisexual now." I have been wanting to touch your body. But cute preteen gallery I did preteen modele nude not want to offend you." he said. I walked over and sat on the couch next to him. "You are a very handsome guy, you know"I said putting my hand on his thigh. "I've been told so,"he replied. "Have you every had sex with a man?"I asked. "Yes at the station. There were several times in the shower when two or three of us got each other off." "What preteen nn model did you guys do?" "Mostly jacked off. One guy rimmed me and that was mind boggling." Matt said. "You really liked that?" I Asked. "Oh yes. It was fantastic, but that was the only time. I ran my hands through the hair on thighs and over his cuts and bruises. There was massage oil on the table so I continued to rub it into his body. All of the bandages had been removed except for his hip. He had a lot of hair inside of his thighs and his bush was extra thick I leaned over and put my mouth on the base if his cock burying my lips in his crotch hair. He leaned back and sighed. His cock swelled and became firm. His cock skinny preteen tits had a clean smell that I sniffed It was filled with sweet precum. I rolled him over preteens modelsgalleries erotic and climbed on the back of his hairy legs. I ran my hands over his upper highs and over his hairy buns. His crevice was filled with thick dark hair. I had noticed it before when I cleaned his ass, but now it looked inviting. I ran my hands through the hair on his buns and then pulled open his cheeks. I put my face in the free hentai preteen crack. It smelled of sweat and male ass. I started to suck on the hairs in his crevice and pulled on them with my lips. Matt lay nudes preteens galleries on his stomach moaning. He lifted his ass lips to give me a better reach. He then preteen nude old let me move down into that hair best preteen photos sport between his ass and his daddy preteen bath balls. "Oh God" he said as I sucked preteen virgin cherry on the fury trench moving back and forth to his hairy balls. I reached under hm and pulled his cock back preteen lollitas pics between his legs. I took his head wet preteen into my mouth and sucked as hard file preteen pedofilia as I real preteen bbs could, my right hand slow jacking the part of his cock in view. I flipped him over preteen private pics and dove deep into his bush and cock. "I'm gong to come," he gasped. I felt his cock thicken and his load hit the back of my mouth. I drained him until he had preteen bathingsuit models given me his entire load. Matt lay back gasping for air. I ran preteen boys cocks my hands over his body, over his chest and his arms child preteen nudist and legs I lingered a preteen top less few minutes in his heavy bush before moving up to his chest. I lifted his arm sand sucked on his pits. They had a strong taste, but live preteen cams I loved it. After I massaged and young preteen fuck relaxed him for a few minutes I sat back and relaxed myself. A few minutes later Matt sat up. "My turn now,"he said. He put his hand on my chest and pushed me over on my back. He free preteens creampies pulled off my little hairless preteens clothes and even took off my socks. I could smell the sweat on my feet and the rest of my body. Then he got on his hands and knees beside me. He reached over and took the massage oil I kept on a nearby table. He put some on his hands leg spread preteen and worked it into my face and neck. He lifted my arms and sniffed my pits. "Strong, but nice,"he said. Then he buried his face into the pit hair and cleaned each pit with his tongue. After that, he applied the oil to my chest and arms and legs. As I had done to him, he put his face into my bush and massaged it with this mouth and his fingers. The feeling of his mouth on my bush was extremely sexy. He ran his tongue over the hairs preteen naturists on the insides free preteen ru of my thighs. When he got illegal preteen internal to the juncture between my thighs and my balls he again used his tongue to simulate me before moving his mouth down to dating preteens my balls. He moved his hands down my legs to my feet and took each foot and massaged it separately. Then he licked the bottoms of my feet and sucked on my toes. No one had ever sucked on my feet before and needless to say, it was very erotic. He worked his tongue up through the insides of my hairy thighs until he reached my ball sack. He sucked a moment on each hairy orb and then turned me over on my stomach He ran his hands over the hairy back of my legs preteen fashion galleries and over my hairy cheeks. Then he pried open my preteen pedo paysite crevice. "You got a hairy ass," he said. "I know. I hope it is clean enough for you." He buried foro preteen foto his mouth in my ass hair and pulled on the strands of hair. Then he found my hole and worked on the opening He licked around the hairy opening until he finally buried his tongue in my ass lips. I felt his tongue work its way through my hole preteens models nues and touch on the insides of my ass. Felt myself trembling. His tongue was followed by a finger and preteen tranny sex it worked its way preteen lotita sex to my prostate. I felt the extra stimulation and my cock thickened. Suddenly his finger was gone and I felt his cock against my hole. He pushed gently and passed through exclusive preteen galleries the ring. I felt my opening give away as his cock moved in deeper and deeper. vintage preteen pics Suddenly I felt this bush against my ass checks and I knew he was all the way in. Matt small tits preteen began to slowly pull out and push in. Gradually, he picked up speed. It felt like my ass was on fire, and I pushed back against him to get all of him that I could.. This went on for at least thirty minutes. I could hardly take anymore. I drooled over the bed cover. Finally, I felt him thicken and suddenly he filled my ass breast pre teen with cum. He pulled nude cute preteen out and cum was dripping though nake preteen my ass hair. We both sat back and rested. I told Matt that I was happy to see him ls preteen guestbook doing so well after that accident. He preteen model india said that he youth preteens nude felt good enough now to return to the station nipping preteens house and would be leaving in the morning. We spent the rest of the afternoon and night sucking and fucking and riming. Since that time we have gotten together on numerous occasions for sex play. preteen upskit pigs Matt is a great sexual partner.[If you would like to comment on this story sent your message to _bearstatewriteraol.com_ ( ]
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